Who Invented the Remote Control? – Remote Control Invention

Who invented the remote control? Do you use the regular remote control or Universal remote control every day to control the channel or the volume on your TV? If so, have you ever thought about who invented the remote control? Let’s know today.

The answer is, in fact, no one person who comes up with an idea of ​​a remote control system. Remote Control was developed at different times in many countries by several people who were not aware of each other ‘s work.

who invented remote control

So in this article, we will give you a brief overview of who invented the remote control? We will also provide you with some interesting facts about who invented the TV Remote Control and who invented the television.

Who Invented the Remote Control? – Remote Control Invention

The first wireless remote controls were created in 1898 by Nikola Tesla, who patented his “teleautomaton” invention. The patent described radio waves that could be used to control at distance various devices, including a boat and a printing press.

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Tesla demonstrated how it worked with a radio-controlled boat at an exposition in New York City in 1898.

History of the TV Remote Control

The idea of ​​a remote control system for the television was developed by Robert Adler who developed a device called “Zenith Space Command” in 1955.

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It was a wireless, battery-operated push-button device that allowed viewers to change channels and adjust volume with the press of a button. This gadget eliminated up and down, left and right buttons on the TV, which made it so easy to use.

How TV Remote Control Works?

Today’s television remote control works with a short-wave infrared light beam from the remote control to the TV. It was initially thought that the signal from TV Remote Control could be picked up by anyone who can point their receiver at your TV, but this is not really the case.

how tv remote control works

In order for a signal from TV Remote Control to activate a product, the signal must be encoded and the TV Remote Control must know who to send what signal.

All universal remotes work with a device called a “code sifter” which is able to understand all possible codes coming from your television’s remote control.

When was the first remote Manufactured?

The first generation of commercially successful wireless remotes was introduced by Zenith Electronics Corporation in 1956.

This particular remote control was called “Lazy Bones” and it controlled not only the television but also other devices such as radios and record players. The “Lazy Bones” remote control was an infrared device that used a photocell for reception and had to be pointed at the television in order for it to work.


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