Universal Remote Not Working {100% Working Methods}

Universal Remote control not working How to fix it? Universal Remote not working is one of the most annoying issues that a lot of users encounter every now and then. Though most times, remotes stop working after they reach their battery life, there are also some situations when a new universal remote malfunctions.

Universal Remotes are special remotes that can be used for multiple devices irrespective of the brand and type of device. Most universal remotes can be used to operate TVs, DVDs, VCRs, Cable Boxes, Audio Players, Satellite Receivers, etc. To start using these universal remotes, we have to program the remote with the device using the unique setup code.

universal remote not working

With a single remote, you can easily operate several electronic devices. However, a lot of times, the universal remote won’t change channels or other buttons don’t work properly. If you are also having the same problem, then don’t worry. We’ve prepared a troubleshooting guide here to fix the Universal Remote not working issue.

Fix Universal Remote Not Working

If your Universal Remote not working properly, then you can fix the issue within no time. No need to worry if your universal remote won’t change channels or volume buttons won’t work. Follow the simple methods given below to fix the universal remote not working issue.

1. Check The Batteries

Remotes run on the batteries, therefore, making sure these batteries and up and working properly is most important. If your universal remote’s batteries are old, damaged, or misplaced, then it can cause your remote to not work properly. Therefore, make sure to check on the batteries in the universal remote that you are using.

Fix Universal Remote not working

  • Remove and insert the batteries properly
  • Replace the batteries if weak or damaged
  • If you are using rechargeable batteries, then charge them

2. Avoid Obstacles/Move Closer

Universal remotes not working may also happen due to interruption of signals. Most Universal Remotes use Infrared (IR) technology to operate, which is the main reason why you should avoid obstacles or interruptions. The remote should be directly pointed at the electronic device (like TV, cable box, etc) and the distance should not be more than 20 feet.

  • Move your remote closer to the electronic device
  • Do not keep any object between the remote and the device

3. Power Cycle The Device

If your universal remote not working or the channel won’t change using the remote, then the fault may also lie on the electronic device, not on the remote. Your TV or DVD player, if have any problems won’t work properly. Therefore, power cycling the device will fix the universal remote not working issue.

  • Unplug the device from the power source and wait for at least 15 seconds.
  • Now, plug in the device and wait for your device to turn on.
  • Try to operate the device with your remote and check if it is working or not.

4. Re-program With Universal Remote Codes

The universal remotes are used for multiple devices without any hassle. To use these remotes, one must program the remote with the electronic device using the remote code. But, if your remote is not working properly, then you can re-program the universal remote with the help of your cable TV provider.

Universal remote control not working how to fix

Make sure to check the user manual of your universal remote to know the code or you can also visit our Universal Remote Codes website for the list of codes. Once you have reprogrammed your remote, check if it works properly. If still have the same problem, then try the next method.

5. Replace Your Remote

If you have replaced the batteries and re-programmed the remote, but still the remote is not working, then just get a new Universal Remote for your devices. Get a quality universal remote that can be paired up with several devices effortlessly.

Program your universal remote into the electronic device and save the code. Start using the remote without any issues. Make sure you enter the correct code and follow the programming steps properly to complete the procedure.

6. Switch To The Original Remote

universal remote won't change channels

If your universal remote not working, then you can use the original remote of the device in urgent situations. For instance, if your universal remote is not working for your TV or DVD player, then you can always go back to their original remotes for the time being. Later, you can get your universal remote repaired or replace as per the need.

7. Contact Customer Support

Even after trying all the methods, if your universal remote not working still, then contact the manufacturer of the remote. If the problem is with your remote, then you can contact customer support and let them help you with programming the remote. If your remote is working fine, but the TV is not working properly, then contact their customer service and get help from them.


We hope you got to know how to fix universal remote not working issue easily. If your remote is not working, then it can either be the remote’s fault or the device. Make sure to check both your electronic device and the remote and then resolve the issue accordingly. If you like this information, then share it with others too. For more updated guides from Universal Remote Codes, keep visiting our website.

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