How to Reset a Universal Remote?【Step by Step Guide】

How to reset a Universal Remote? If you are looking for a simple and easy guide that tells you how to reset a universal remote, then this post is for you. Know how to reset a one for all remote or universal remote in this post in detail here. Also, get the programming guide for universal remotes here.

Universal Remotes are remote control devices that are meant to support multiple devices. Instead of using one remote for each electronic device, this one-for-all universal remote will operate several devices at once. You can operate devices from different brands like TVs, Video Players, Audio Players, Satellite Receivers, and more with universal remotes.

How to reset a universal remote

If you have already programmed the remote with your TV, and then you want to get a new TV, then you must reset codes in Universal Remote Control and then program the new device. Therefore, performing a factory reset for erasing the codes is necessary for universal remotes. Know how to reset a universal remote below.

How to Reset a Universal Remote

If you have a universal remote for the devices at your home, then you can handle several devices with a single remote. One device of each type (like TV, VCR, Soundbar, etc)  can be programmed to the universal remote. For instance, if you have already programmed your TV into the universal remote, and then you want to program a new TV to the remote, then you must reset the remote.

The universal remote codes that you have programmed into the device will be erased by doing this step. Once you have cleared out the space for a new one, you are all set to program a new TV or any other device. If you don’t know how to reset a universal remote, then we’ve got you covered here.

  • Grab your Universal Remote and remove the batteries from the remote.
  • Now, press all the buttons on the remote without leaving any button.

Reset universal TV Remotes

  • Since Uverse remotes absorb some amount of power from the batteries, leave the remote for at least 5 minutes without batteries.
  • After 5 to 6 minutes, the power will be drained from your remote completely.
  • To check if the current is drained or not, press the “Power” button and check if the light blinks.
  • Now, place a new set of batteries in the remote. Only “AAA” batteries should be used for this remote.
  • That’s it. This is how to reset a universal remote easily.

How to Program Universal Remote After Reset

We have seen how to reset a universal remote till now. But, the universal remotes once reset have to be programmed to start using them. Once we Reset universal TV Remotes, we must program the remote with the electronic device using the suitable code. You can check the complete list of universal remote codes list to know the code for your device. The user manual for your universal remote will give the codes for different brands/devices. Follow the steps given below to program a universal remote.

Reset Codes in Universal Remote Control

  • Firstly, turn on the device and get the universal remote in your hand.
  • Now, point your remote at the device, say TV, DVD player, audio player, etc.
  • Press the button for the device you want to program into the remote. For example, press the “TV” button if you are programming your TV with the remote.
  • For some remotes, you have to press the “Setup” button first and then the device button.
  • The Device and Power buttons will light up and stay on pressing these buttons.
  • Now, enter the Universal Remote Code for the brand with the device button held down. Upon entering the code, the Power button will stop lighting.
  • After entering the code, press and hold the device button until the power button starts lighting and stays ON.
  • If the Power button LED lights up and remains “ON”, then it means the remote is programmed successfully.
  • If your remote doesn’t stay illuminated and keeps blinking instead, then it means the code is incorrect. Try another code and follow the same procedure.

Universal Remote Not Working – How To Fix

Universal Remotes are not everyone’s piece of cake. Even though the programming of these remotes is quite simple, however, not everyone who is unfamiliar with it can do it in one go. Also, universal remotes may also cause trouble sometimes. If your universal remote is not working properly, then follow the fixes given below.

how to reset a one for all remote

  • Make sure the batteries are placed properly. If the batteries are weak, then replace the batteries with new ones.
  • If there is any obstacle between your remote and the device, then it can cause the remote to not work. Make sure the remote is within 20 feet of the device.
  • Programming issues can also cause the remote to not work properly. Re-program the remote with the device using the correct codes. Know how to reset a universal remote and how to program a remote in the above steps.
  • Power cycle the device if your remote is not changing the channels. To do so, unplug the device and wait for at least 15 seconds. Then, plug in the device and use the remote.


That was all about how to reset a universal remote successfully. If you want to program new devices with an old universal remote, then you must know how to reset a universal remote. Once you reset the device, program it with a new device, and start using it. We hope you found this information helpful. Keep visiting Universal Remote Codes for more updated guides.

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