How to Reset TV Remotes – Working Process Explained

How to Reset TV Remotes: Is your TV Remote Control not working? Want to know how do you reset a TV remote control? How to fix a broken television or satellite TV remote? The Universal Remote Codes site is always ready to help you out.

How can I change batteries for my TV remote control without losing all the buttons configuration and memory of what channel I am on, etc?

How to Reset TV Remotes

In this article, you can learn how to reset your TV remote control manually or by using a universal TV remote. Let’s check how to do it.

How to Reset TV Remotes

If your TV Remote Control has become unresponsive, perhaps it is time to consider resetting a TV remote control. How to Reset a Remote Control is an important thing for anyone who has found their remote suddenly not working anymore.

Most modern remotes are battery-powered, and the most common reason why remote controls fail is because of dead batteries. However, this may be accompanied by an additional problem with your television’s reception to its remote. Resetting Remote Control is only one way to resolve this issue by resetting the remote and fixing it back to its original settings.

Steps to Reset TV Remotes

Remote codes, such as the universal code for your TV brand or type, can be found in most sources of information about How to Reset a Remote Control – such as online websites, through your user’s manual for the type of remote you have, or by going to your television brand’s website. Resetting a Remote can be an easy task if you know how to do it.

Let’s check the step-by-step process to reset TV remotes now:

Resetting the television’s remote control is an easy task to do. Let’s check the process now.

1. Look for the reset button on your TV remote control. It is usually located in a place that’s inconspicuous, such as under the battery cover or at the back of your remote control.

reset remote control samsung tv

2. Press and hold this button with a paper clip or any thin object available on your end until you see a message on your television screen.

3. The message will indicate that your remote has been reset successfully.

4. Once the television indicates that it is connected back to the remote control, you can then switch it off and on again by pressing a TV button in order to confirm if it works properly or not.

5. If your TV still isn’t responding to the remote control, there may be a problem with your TV itself. If so, you will need to check its settings in order to activate it again. Resetting a Remote Control varies depending on the brand or type of television you have.

6. Remember that in most cases you cannot reset the remote control if you’ve lost its code.


We hope you got the complete information on How to Reset TV Remotes. Resetting a Remote Control is useful if you want to reset your remote control or for other reasons. Feel free to ask your doubts in the comments below. Thanks for reading How to Reset TV Remotes. Please visit our site Universal Remote Codes regularly for more informative articles and helpful guides.

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