How Do Universal Remotes Work? What Are They?

Are you looking for a way to control your TV without having to use the remote? A universal remote is just what you need. But how do universal remotes work?

Universal remotes are remote controls that work with many different devices, rather than just one. They usually have a learning function that allows them to be programmed for how you want to use the remote control.

Universal Remote Codes & Uses

Here we will explore how do universal remotes work and how they can be used in different ways.

What are Universal Remotes?

Universal remotes come in many different forms. They range from a simple remote control that has been programmed to work with how you use your TV, all the way up to a more complex universal device such as a computer program or online service.

program your remote control with the Sceptre soundbar


Universal Remote Control Features & Functions

  • Power: Turning the device on and off.
  • Input: Changing the TV input, for example, to watch a DVD or satellite box.
  • Volume control: Adjusting how loud or quiet the sound is coming from your TV.
  • Mute: Muting the sound of your television so that you can talk without having to raise your voice.
  • Menu: Navigating the menus of your TV, DVD player, or satellite box.
  • Guide: Viewing programme listings and schedules.
  • Exit: Exiting out of the current menu or guide.
  • There are also often shortcuts for commonly used functions such as ‘Info’ for displaying the current channel and time.

jumbo universal remote tv codes

  • Pause: Pausing live TV so that you don’t miss a second of action when someone is talking or there’s an ad break.
  • Universal Remotes Can Control All Your Home Audio & Video Devices
  • The universal remote control can help to simplify how you operate your home entertainment system.
  • In addition to TVs, they can typically control DVD players, Blu-ray players, VCRs, cable and satellite boxes, and even soundbars.
  • This is done by programming the remote to work with each device’s unique infrared (IR) signal.

How Do Universal Remotes Work?

A universal remote can either learn how you want it to work, or how you want it to. The learning function uses infrared light signals that are picked up by the TV and then programmed into your remote control so that it can be used in place of your television’s own remote.

how to program philips universal remote

Most universal remotes have a range of 30 feet (about ten meters) but some advanced ones can reach much further. The ability to control devices beyond just the TV is what sets universal remotes apart from traditional ones.

You can program your universal remote control to work as if it were an infrared (IR) or radiofrequency (RF) device. Universal remotes can replace many of those old TV, DVD player, and Blu-Ray player remotes you may have lying around in a drawer somewhere!

Will I ever need to use my original remote?

While it may be possible to control your television with the universal remote, in most cases you will still need access to your original TV remote. The best universal remotes can work as a substitute for whichever model of device is currently being used but they are not designed to also mimic the functions of all devices on hand.


Hope you have a better understanding of how universal remotes work and how they can be a benefit to you. Keep in mind that, while all universal remotes are not created equal, by doing your research you’re likely to find one that will fit your needs quite nicely! Stay tuned to Universal Remote Codes for more informative guides on Universal Remotes.

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