How Do Universal Remotes Work?

How do universal remotes work? Many people want to know this. You are reading this blog post because you have a question about How do universal remotes work? Know how they work and also get the Universal Remote Codes here.

Knowing how do universal remote work is very important. Because universal remotes are one of the essential items at home these days. So, it’s better to know about How does universal remote works.

how do universal remotes work

This is the best article to answer all your questions and we will go in-depth into How do universal remotes work. We’ll also discuss Universal remote codes that you need to know.

What are Universal Remotes?

Universal remotes are devices that can control multiple electronic devices in your home. Universal remotes are not just for the TVs only but you can use them to control other devices too.

 how do i know if a universal remote will work with my tv

They come with a code database of infrared codes for most brands and models of electronics, so they can be programmed to work with most devices.

What are Universal Remote Codes?

Universal remote codes are the set of instructions used to control different electronic devices. You can use universal remotes because they do not require multiple remotes for controlling several appliances and gadgets at home or office.

How do Universal Remotes Work?

Universal remotes work by sending infrared codes to the devices that you want to control. The codes are stored in the remote’s memory and when you press a button on the remote, it sends an infrared signal with the code to the device. The device will then respond according to the code that was sent.

There are two ways universal remotes work: manual entry and automatic scanning.

Manual entry

You need to enter the code for each device you want your universal remote to control by trial and error method.

how does universal remote app work

Automatic scanning

Automatic scanning is faster than manual entry, but it’s more complicated as well. When you choose automatic scan mode, all of the codes in its database are automatically sent out one after another until the remote receives the correct code.

Universal Remote Codes Database: How do Universal Remotes Work?

You can use universal remotes because they come with a code database of infrared codes for most brands and models of electronics. So they can be programmed to work with most devices. The job of this device is done by components called microcontrollers that contain a built-in database of infrared codes for all the devices that it can control.

When you switch on your universal remote, it will automatically go into scanning mode and start searching for the code that matches the one required to control your device. If it doesn’t find the code, you might have to manually enter the code using the keypad on your remote control.

What are the Benefits of Universal Remotes?

Universal remotes have many benefits, but you need to know How do universal remotes work before knowing how they can benefit us. One main advantage is that these devices will allow you to operate all types of electronics in one single unit without having extra remotes for every device.

do universal remotes work on roku tvs

You can also control all devices even when they are hidden behind furniture because the universal remotes use infrared signals to communicate with the devices.

Universal remotes come in many shapes and sizes, so you can find one that is perfect for your needs. They are also very affordable, so everyone can have one if they want it.


To sum it up, How does universal remote work? is a question we all should be familiar with. We went over what they are, how they work, and the benefits of owning one. Hopefully, this article has answered all your questions about How do universal remotes work? If not, feel free to leave us a comment below and we’ll get back to you. Stay tuned to Universal Remote codes for more remote guides.

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